How to use Splitter

1. Select a model in the list to the left

2. Drag and drop an audio file to the hotbox

3. Track progress of your uploads in the My Uploads window

You can also click on the hotbox to manually open an audio file.

Once your audio file has been uploaded, you're presented with an optional email notification.

Your email is only stored temporarily to notify you. We do not use your eamil for anything else*.

* This applies to free uploads only.

You can track the progress of your uploads by opening the "My Uploads" window.


The Splitter dashboard is where all your Splitting starts. Much like our landing page, you are presented with the iridescent hotbox, but this time it's a little different than the hotbox on the Splitter site landing page.

Inside the dashboard is where you purchase our products, as most of them are powered by the cloud.

Product Manuals

Browser Extension Manual

We always want to make it easy for you to accomplish your goals, and that's why we developed the Splitter Browser Extension, and it's amazing.

Using the Splitter Browser Extension is very easy, simply visit a YouTube video and click the upper right button that says "Start Splitting".

How to purchase

Purchasing the Splitter Browser Extension is very easy. Just follow the steps below and you'll own it in no time.

1. First you need to register a Splitter account: Go to account registration

2. Then navigate to the browser extension page

3. Click "Unlock for $29"

4. Make your payment through Stripe

Congratulations. You now owner the Splitter Browser Extension!

Stripe is a secure payment gateway used by millions of people around the world. Stripe is one of the biggest payment gateway on the planet and is fast, safe and secure.

How to install

Installing the Splitter Browser Extension is easy, just follow the steps below.

Google Chrome (Windows & MacOS)

- Download and extract the Splitter Browser Extension pack to a safe location. Log in to download

Removing the Splitter Browser Extension folder after it's been installed will automatically uninstall your Splitter Browser Extension.

- Inside your Chrome browser, visit chrome://extensions

- Activate Developer Mode

- Click "Load Unpacked" and navigate to the extracted Splitter Browser Extension folder

- Pin Splitter Browser Extension to the Chrome navbar

You should now see the Splitter logo in the extension bar as such:

Finally, you need to log in to your Splitter account from within the extension, and you're ready to go.

Now the Splitter Browser Extension is installed and configured. You can now freely split YouTube videos easily.

You need to unlock the YouTube Splitting feature from within your Splitter account.

How to use

Now the fun begins. We've put extra focus on the user experience of our browser extension, and splitting a YouTube video is so easy that you would never want to do it in any other way.

To start splitting a YouTube video, simply visit a YouTube video and click the "Start Splitting" button.

The "Start Splitting" button will also show the status of the split, such as if it's queued, processing, or done.

Tracking Progress & Upload History

You can track your YouTube splitting progress directly in the YouTube video tab or by logging in to your Splitter account.

Happy Splitting!


- Splitter Account

- Google Chrome browser

More web browsers will be supported in the future.