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Important message


How does this work?

Isolating instruments from music is now possible using AI, and Splitter is based on Deezer's open source research project Spleeter to accomplish this.

Currently a few different models are available; 2 stem, 4 stem and 5 stem models.

The 5 stem model for example, can extract vocals, drums, piano, bass and other (guitar, synths, etc...), while the 2 stem model extracts the instrumental and the vocals.

In the future we'll hopefully see more models.

What can I use this technology for?

This platform is intended to be just another tool in your toolbox.

Be careful when isolating and using unlicensed music. Splitter and it's team is not liable for any damages or misuse of Spleeter. You are responsible for your actions and we will work with music authors, artists, labels and publishers to prevent misuse and infringement of their copyrighted material if they make requests.

We assume and expect that you upload your own music only.


Splitter in it's basic functionality as a Deezer Spleeter service with the standard 2, 4 and 5 Stem models is 100% free and will remain free forever. No registration or email is required.
We might add a few features here and there to make it fullfilling to you as the end-user.

If you would like to support the free version of Splitter, please do so by Donating.


We want Splitter to be straight forward to use. Select processing model, drop a song and enter your email to get notified.

If you're experiencing any issues or have questions, contact us via Twitter (do follow) or send us an Email.

What are models?

Simply put, the models are snapshots of how the AI should process the data.

Will there be more models in the future?


Why does it take some time to process my file?

Computational power is an expense.

Anyone that uses Splitter Free will have their audio data processed through a shared set of servers.

These servers are what we call Community Servers.

Make sure to follow our Twitter to get the latest updates, as we plan to roll out more models and features.

Is it possible to skip the queue?

Not at the moment. We will introduce a Dedicated Server Solution to in the future, but first we need to solve a few technical challenges.

It's not going to be easy, but we're very optimistic that it's possible.