For Artists
Splitter Browser Extension

Splitting directly from YouTube is the perfect way to get started with your session. With our browser extension you can go from idea to creativity quick and easy.

Splitter Studio

Splitter Studio invites you to our eco system of audio processing technologies. It allows you to process audio on your computer using a range of different components such as cloud processing, local processing and VST.


State of the art reverb removal technology.

Our technology works great for both voice recordings as well as any other type of recording, such as percussions, trumpets, and anything else.

Great tool for cleaning vocals and other sounds to get that tight up-front sound, or for general audio restoration.

Currently available in the cloud.

2 Stem PRO

Our new 2 Stem PRO model offers better stem separation than the original 2 Stem model with less bleeding and overall higher fidelity thanks to our new neural network architecture called VEX.

Although the improvements are subtle, they are enough to make a general difference compared to our previous 2 Stem model and definitely yield better results than our competitors.

You can activate a free 1-day trial right now in the dashboard.